Koh Murao

Born in Tokyo, Japan, on 1977. Murao discovered his love for sketching comic book characters at a very young age, and at nine he began painting lessons. He later continued his studies in Illustration and Design at Tama Art University in Tokyo. His work draws inspiration from early childhood memories of rural landscapes, picture books, and so on. He enjoys playing with allegory and often places characters in fantasy worlds reminiscent of the fables he loved as a boy. Other inspiration come from modern art, especially Surrealism. His greatest satisfaction comes from observing his influence on viewers who are moved to invent stories inspired by the work. Murao has previously exhibited in Tokyo, New York and has recieved several awards, including: Nika Design Award Special Prize ; Mainichi Advertising Design Competition Encouragement Prize ; Chiba Design Award Special Prize ; NY Coo Gallery Open Art Contest Choice Award. Currently he lives in Japan.

“I think that making a painting is creating a story as for me. I enjoy playing in the world of imagination, and I feel creative satisfaction when I draw the images from my mind and construct a fictional scene. Many of my works are created allegorically with personified animals or symbolic objects in somewhat irrational space. The inspiration comes from my personal memories, taste and the irony I felt in my daily life. Each of my work has the different world and there is no consistent concept as a series. I hope to create the paintings that allow viewers to imagine the world beyond the picture and look at “the other stories” out of our daily life.”

— Koh Murao on exhibition “The Other Stories” at ISE caltural foundation